Cheese is a dairy product rich in protein and fat. In this article, the benefits of storing cheese using cheese paper are discussed in comparison to other methods of storing cheese. 

Storing Cheese Using Cheese Paper

Cheese being the best dietary source of calcium, it is also a valued dairy product. Having a longer lifespan than milk, it is preferred for high fat content and protein. Therefore, people will want to store cheese for their domestic use, and this brings us to the benefits of storing cheese using cheese paper.

Cheese is produced in two types, hard cheeses and soft cheeses. The difference between the two is that hard cheeses last longer than soft cheeses making hard cheeses more preferable. 

Generally, cheese is stored in the vegetable compartment of a refrigerator since it is the closest to the bottom of the refrigerator. This is done because cheese gives in strongly to freezing. Most cheese users wrap it in aluminium foils hoping the cheese will not dry out and crack. 

Uses of Cheese

Cheese is widely known for its food related importance. Other than that, it has health benefits too. They are as follows; 

• used in making cheese sauce. 

• serves as an accomplishment to soups and farinaceous dishes

• served on toast.

• Source of calcium, fat, and protein.

• work to protect teeth from cavities.

The Cheese Paper Storage Method

Cheese paper is a material made from a sheet of paper plastered to a sheet of plastic with perforations to form two layers. The benefits of storing cheese using cheese paper methods is that it is highly breathable and also locks in moisture longer compared to other cheese storage methods. As efficient as cheese paper is, it is unfortunately not reusable.

Other Ways of Storing Cheese

1. Wrapping it up in aluminium foil and storing in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator.

2. Wrapping it up in waxed paper and storing in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator.

3. Using plastic wrap.

4. Reusable compostable food wraps. 

These food wraps are made from fabric that’s coated with beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin. They are not limited to only cheese storage, they can be used to store other food items. They can be reused only if one is careful enough to wash them in between uses. This however, causes its quality to reduce making it inefficient with time. One needs good wrapping skills to use reusable compostable food wraps. 

5. Cheese grotto storage pieces. 

These storage facilities are flexible enough to allow people to store cheese upto 3 weeks while in the refrigerator or 7 days while not in the refrigerator. 

Disadvantages of Other Cheese Storage Methods

  1. Exposes cheese to a point of cracking. 
  2. May cause formation of molds as they do not provide aeration for the cheese 

In conclusion, the benefits of storing cheese using the cheese paper method over other cheese storage methods is that cheese papers are highly breathable and they also lock in moisture longer than other methods. Hence, use of cheese paper for cheese storage is highly preferred to other methods. 

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